Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Allicance Seminar

23 januari 2015
13:30u - 17:30u
HSD Campus, The Hague
Platform Identity Mangement Netherlands

Growing interest in FIDO (Fast Identity Online) and the publication of the final specification is the trigger for a seminar on the FIDO Alliance. FIDO Alliance members explain what FIDO is and how FIDO can be used. A comparison is made with other standards.  

Welcome and one slide on developments in the Dutch ecosystem of electronic identities (eID)

HSD The Hague Security Delta
The place of digital identity within the National Innovation Agenda for Security 2015.

What is Fast Identity Online (FIDO)?
Tord Fransson member of FIDO explains what Fast Identity Online is. Yubico is a board member of FIDO and was founded with the same mission as the FIDO Alliance; to make strong two-factor authentication easy and affordable for everyone.

Why Onegini invests in FIDO
Onegini explains why they invest in FIDO. With FIDO Onegini plans to make it easy for online service providers to let their customers log in with all kind of devices they bring themselves. For companies it will become easier to support smartphones with fingerprints or voice recognition. Banks could even replace their hardware tokens completely. Onegini strongly aims at mobile and user convenience.

FIDOs place in the eID ecosystem
Maarten Wegdam, Innovalor, describes the place of FIDO within the ecosystem of electronic identities and authentication techniques. How does FIDO relate to for instance Openid connect, OAuth, SAML and initiatives like eRecognition/eHerkenning. Is FIDO a hype? What does FIDO offer and which problems will FIDO not solve?

FIDO, difference between UAF and U2F
Authasas Advanced Authentication Framework has integrated the FIDO U2F specifications based on Yubikey NEO U2F in her platform. It enables corporations to work on premise and across cloud with FIDO compliant technologies. The presentation will discuss the difference between UAF and U2F and will present a customer case study for U2F. At HSD Plaza participants can test the technology and experience how U2F works for themselves.

Participants: Authasas, Dutch Government, DigiD, FIDO members, Grabowsky, HSD, Innovalor, KPN, Onegini, PIMN, Yubico tbc: Logius, NSNL