CRITIS Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security

16 september 2013 - 18 september 2013

The eighth CRITIS Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security is set to continue a tradition of presenting innovative research and exploring new challenges for the protection of critical information-based infrastructures. This conference focus is on the challenges the resilience of smart cities, a topic that will be highlighted by thought provoking and visionary keynote speeches on the first afternoon and in conference papers. As the host nation started its critical (information) infrastructure protection programme in 2003, attention will be given to the lessons identified in the last 12.5 years which still pose challenges for the future.

The second day of the conference will focus on the dialogue between the critical (information-based) infrastructure operators/stakeholders of government and industry and research. The agenda of that day will stimulate the infrastructure operators/stakeholders to present their short and long term R&D needs. The academic and applied research community will be stimulated to discuss, sketch and collaboratively seek for solution directions to address these needs along the set of these needs and by providing original research contributions which aim to bridge existing gaps between R&D and operational needs ('market').

The third day of the conference presents the more academic advancements in Critical Information Infrastructures Security research. Special attention will be given to Young CRITIS, an initiative to build-up of a (virtual) strong community of young researchers in this field. The conference invites critical (information) infrastructure protection (CIP/CIIP) end-users (government, operators, industry, etc.) and the CIP/CIIP-related (academic) research communities and disciplines. CRITIS encourages discussions between all types of stakeholders and multi-disciplinary approaches to relevant CIP problems.

Registration closes 1 September 2013.