Clusters and Cybersecurity: Be Wiser outlines Europe's Cybersecurity Challenges

22 juni 2016
09:00u - 18:00u
Bled, Slovenia

“Clusters and Cybersecurity – Be Wiser outlines Europe’s Cybersecurity Challenges” is the final conference of the Be Wiser project.
The Conference focus is on the main two pillars of the project: Cluster (morning session) and Internet Wireless Security (afternoon session). Beside some very interesting presentations related to project results, we will also invite relevant speakers in the fields and organize productive round table discussions.

Confirmed speakers:
- Juan Marti Estevez, Cluster practitioner, director of Cluster Development at ACCIÓ (Catalan Agency for Competitiveness)
- Klaus Bolving, CEO, Center for Defence, Space & Security - Cluster Manager, Danish Innovation Cluster for Production, Advisory group on cross-border access for SMEs to defence and security contracts
- Werner Pamminger, TCI Board Member, CEO Business Upper Austria, former CEO Clusterland

About Be Wiser:
Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions. The technology focus is on wireless Internet security, while the organisational challenge is to more effectively utilise Triple Helix clusters in regional innovation processes. This approach will strengthen Europe’s position in wireless rollout and address the challenges set out in the Digital Agenda.


Here you can find the official invitation.