21st KPN Scaleup Afternoon - From Single Channel to Omnichannel

28 oktober 2021
15:00u - 18:00u
Get ready to speed date with well-known corporates, investors, startups and scaleups!
KPN Liaison and KPN Ventures welcome you again to their 21th KPN Scaleup Afternoon - From single channel to omnichannel


The program of the event

15:00 - 15:10 Plenary opening 

15:10 - 15:55 Panel discussion about the topic

15:55 - 16:00 Break + getting ready for speed dates


16:00 - 16:20 - 1st round of speed dates

16:25 - 16:45 - 2nd round of speed dates

16:50 - 17:10 - 3rd round of speed dates

17:15 - 17:35 - 4th round of speed dates

17:40 - 18:00 - 5th and last round of speed dates


Speed dating information

We will start the event with a plenary opening. Of course, we'll try our best to make it an interesting and informative session

After this, you'll get the opportunity to speed date with KPN, and with other well-known corporates, and investors. Startups & scaleups can indicate with which of the companies they would like to speed date during the ticketing process (please be aware that we do our best to take your preference into account, but a selection has to be made). We will announce the corporates and investors on July first.


1) KPN (for startups & scaleups looking for cooperation’s with-, or investments from KPN)

• KPN Ventures: aims to build value-creating partnerships with innovative European technology companies, accelerating innovation and growth by providing access to capital, industry expertise, technical infrastructure, professional network and channels to customers. Focus on early growth-stage investments (series A/B) in European high growth companies with a minimum recurring revenue of 0.5M; looking for investments (industries = IoT, Connected Home, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Networking Technology, Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing)

• KPN Liaison Management: looking for win-win partnerships with scaleups who offer solutions to challenges that KPN is looking answers for, such as 5G solutions, telco network optimization tools, call center solutions, and more; looking for cooperation, POC’s, fresh point of view (industry = all industries) 

 KPN IoT: looking for IoT solutions where KPN can serve as a connectivity provider; looking for cooperation, POC’s (industry = IoT)

• KPN Advanced Analytics: interested in proven AI solutions for our telecom network, data-driven assistants for customer support, knowledge graphs, and other AI solutions; looking for cooperation, POC’s (industry = all industries)

• KPN Data Services Hub: a platform-as-a-service for real time information sharing; looking for cooperation, POC’s and a fresh point of view (industries = (streaming) data, Smart mobility, safety, talking traffic) 

• KPN Health: AI data driven healthcare solutions and telemonitoring; looking for cooperation, POC’s, sharing knowledge and a fresh point of view (industries = all industries related to health)

• KPN Security: KPN is a Managed Security Service Provider looking for innovative Cyber Security companies; looking for cooperation, POC’s and sharing knowledge (industries = cyber security)

• KPN 5G: Industry 4.0 applications, e.g. remote assist, predictive maintenance – 5G applications in agriculture – Streaming data by using drones and camera's for security – Smart Mobility; looking for cooperation, POC’s and a fresh point of view (industries = drones, video management, bodycam, connected factory)

• KPN Retail: responsible for all matters regarding in-store sales including product range, store layout and customer experience. Looking for cutting edge digital gadgets, systems for streamlining everyday store operations, innovative solutions to increase interaction with customers while still maintaining social distancing guidelines; looking for cooperation, POC’s, a fresh point of view (industries = retail, IoT gadgets)


2) Corporates (for startups & scaleups looking for cooperation’s, Proof of Concepts, or sharing knowledge). We will announce the corporates on July first.

• AWS: provides IT infrastructure over the internet with a pay as you go model; looking for cooperation, sharing knowledge & investments (industries = related to cloud services and more specifically focusing on health, tech, IoT; everything AI)

• Microsoft for Startups: works with scaleups to catapult their relationship with Microsoft’s ecosystem of customers and partners; looking for cooperation (industry agnostic)

• Rabobank: financial institution; looking for cooperation, POC’s, a fresh point of view, sharing knowledge and investment opportunities (industries = health, food, maritime, industry) 

• Aexus: focuses on business development outsourcing for innovative international tech solutions; looking for cooperation, POC’s, sharing knowledge and a fresh point of view (industries = IoT, Health, Cyber Security, AI, AR, 5G)

• Connekt: independent network for sustainable accessibility in mobility and logistics; looking for (sharing) knowledge (industries = Smart and Sustainable Mobility and logistics) 

• EIT Digital: foundation backed by the EU to build a strong digital Europe; looking for investment opportunities, cooperation and POC’s (industries = AI, Data Science, IoT, Low Code, Hardware & Software combinations, the software component is important)

• Yes!Delft: interested in startups that tackle problems within healthcare and education, and solutions based on AI and Blockchain technology; looking for POC’s, (sharing) knowledge, and a fresh point of view (industries = AI, Blockchain, Healthcare, SocialTech)

• Deloitte: global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services; looking for cooperation and sharing knowledge (industries = health, food, mobility and energy)

• City of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam): The City of Rotterdam is always looking for new companies that can help with innovations in Rotterdam; looking for cooperation, proof of concept, fresh point of view and/or (sharing) knowledge (industries: IoT, Big Data and Security)

• Albert Heijn: looking for innovation and new (health) tech developments for in the Albert Heijn store; both frontend and backend (industry = IoT)


3) Investors (for startups & scaleups looking for investments). We will announce the investors on July first.

• ABN AMRO: financial institution focusing on matching companies to informal investors; solely looking for investment opportunities (industries = Dutch companies, with scalable businesses; capital needed up to 2 million)

• Cottonwood Technology Fund: Cottonwood Tech Fund III is a Dutch-American venture capital fund. They make impact investments in Key Enabling Technologies (Deeptech & High-Tech); looking for investments, POC’s, a fresh point of view and sharing knowledge (industries = Deeptech: Photonics, Optics, Microchips, Advanced Materials, Nanotech, Medical Technology, Cleantech/ Energy Transition, Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics. Hardware is an essential. Not only software)

• EIT Digital: foundation backed by the EU to build a strong digital Europe; looking for investment opportunities, cooperation’s, and POC’s (industries = AI, Data Science, IoT, Low Code, Hardware & Software combinations, the software component is important)

• Finch Capital: funding the Future of Financial Technology; looking for minority equity investments (industries = fintech, deeptech focusing on the financial sector, financial solutions)

• InnovationQuarter: investing in companies which make technological impact; solely looking for investment opportunities (industries = tech companies from Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands, focusing on IoT, CyberSecurity, AI, Blockchain, Maritime, Deeptech, Health)

• TIIN Capital: investor for cybersecurity startups; solely looking for investment opportunities (industries = cyber security, privacy, IoT related to security)

• Eneco Ventures: invests in startups and scaleups in the growth phase throughout North-Western Europe that accelerate the energy transition; looking for investments (industry = IoT)

• Volta Ventures: invests in Benelux-based early-stage software companies; looking for a fresh point of view and investments (industries = enterprise software, SaaS, cyber security, data, AI/ML, B2B companies)

*  Match-Maker Ventures: aim is to scale scale-ups; looking for cooperation (industries = anything that is relevant for operators and telco's)


The deadline for the speed dates is 14 October 2021


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