TU Delft's Control Room of the Future starts collaboration with Technolution and Phase to Phase

10 juni 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The brand new research facility, where the digitalized electricity grid of the future will be shaped and formed, starts a new collaboration. Technolution, a technical consultancy firm from Gouda, the Netherlands, and their subsidiary Phase to Phase, invests € 525.000, in both hardware and software to the Control Room in the Future technology centre. Together, researchers and engineers will work on developing a new power grid that is more intelligent, resilient and cyber secure.


A hub for innovation

The joint collaboration was celebrated with a signing ceremony in the Control Room of the Future (CRoF) on June 1, with the signing honours going to  Prof. Dr. ir. Lucas van Vliet, Dean of EEMCS Faculty, TU Delft and Mr. Marcel Dukker, Chief Commercial Officer, Technolution. The ceremony was the start of a 4-year collaboration agreement on research and innovation, in which experts from both academia and the field learn from each other. Alex Stefanov, Assistant Professor and mastermind behind the CRoF, hopes it will be one of many fruitful collaborations: "At TU Delft, we envision that the future power grid is intelligent, resilient and cyber secure."

"The Control Room of the Future will help achieve this vision by researching and developing the future power grid technologies together with our industry partners. I am enthusiastic about the research agreement with Technolution and Phase to Phase, and I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

The ambition is to shape the CRoF into an active research and innovation hub for the energy industry. So far industrial partners like Siemens, grid operators such as TenneT and the distributor Stedin are already involved. The long-term collaboration with Technolution and Phase to Phase forms a new, natural step in the labs ambition, in that it will offer a chance to work together more intricately and intensely.


Alex Stefanov: “I envision that the CRoF will develop into a blooming hub where all sorts of industry partners together with TU Delft work on proof of conceptsand explore the feasibility of innovations on the grid. Our infrastructure is tailor made for such forward thinking collaborations, and I am very happy with our first steps together with Technolution and Phase to Phase.”


Source: TU Delft

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