Security Delta (HSD) and Hi Delta Organise Roundtable Event at Boers & Co Precision Solutions

22 sept 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The manufacturing industry is currently facing multiple types of cyberthreats. The threat of ransomware is particularly affecting this industry. Collaboration is essential to generate solutions and create a safer landscape for the manufacturing industry. This is what Security Delta (HSD) aims to achieve with this roundtable event.


In collaboration with Hi Delta, Security Delta (HSD) organised a roundtable at Boers & Co Precision Solutions. The aim was to exchange insights in order to strengthen the cyber resilience of the manufacturing industry in the province of South Holland. 


During the roundtable, sector-specific analyses were discussed, and lively discussions took place to strengthen cyber resilience. Substantial contributions were made by Ronald Koot (Boers & Co), Martin van Gogh (Hi Delta), and Joris den Bruinen, Pieter Schneider, and Anne Visser from Security Delta (HSD). They shared valuable insights and strategies to bolster cybersecurity within the manufacturing industry.


Following the roundtable, participants were invited to enjoy a networking lunch and tour the Boers & Co premises. This was also an opportunity to emphasise the importance of OT (Operational Technology) Security.


This event marked an important step in enhancing the cyber resilience of the manufacturing industry in South holland. Security Delta (HSD) is committed to combining efforts and creating a safer landscape for the manufacturing industry. 


These sessions are partly made possible by MRDH, programme Sectoraal Digitaal Veilig.




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