Secior and Forescout Announce Strategic Partnership

31 okt 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

HSD partner Secior and Forescout announce the launch of their strategic partnership. The aim of this partnership is to strengthen the cybersecurity of their customers. The partnership offers several advantages such as real-time visibility, risk management, continuous threat monitoring and NIS2 compliance services across the entire enterprise, including campus, data center, remote workforce, cloud, mobile, IoT, OT and IoMT endpoints.


Secior and Forescout share a common approach to cybersecurity as they both view it as a team effort. This strategic partnership permits the exchange knowledge and solutions to cybersecurity challenges, hereby strengthening the cybersecurity of their customers.


Forescout shares its expertise in identifying and classifying every asset connected to a company – regardless of manufacturer and type (IT, OT, IoT and IoMT). This allows companies to automatically implement the appropriate security and compliance measures to reduce their risk. Moreover, Forescout’s solutions help organisations respond in real time as they detect advanced threats that may have bypassed security controls.


Fred Streefland, CEO of Secior: "I see Forescout as an important addition to Secior’s portfolio. We share the vision with Forescout that you can't secure what you can't see - and that requires a holistic approach that covers all devices from IT to IoT to OT.”


Dutch security specialist Secior brings its detailed knowledge of OT&IT cybersecurity in critical industries and data centers as well as years of experience in audit, compliance and risk advisory methodologies from highly regulated financial sectors.


Christina Höfer, VP Global Industrial Enterprises at Forescout, explains the advantages of a partnership with Secior saying: “Our colleagues at Secior think like CISOs. Our mutual customers value the in-house knowledge and service. Secior enables them to make the most of their cybersecurity tools and proactively reduce their cyber risks and achieve compliance goals such as NIS2.”



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