Roundtable on Cyber Resilience in the Logistics Sector

08 dec 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A roundtable on cyber resilience within the logistics sector took place at the HSD Campus on 6 December. These roundtable sessions offer a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange sector-specific knowledge aimed at enhancing their cyber resilience. This session was brought together by Security Delta (HSD) and Platform Veilig Ondernemen regio Den Haag in close collaboration with evofenedexm, the entrepreneurs’ association for the trade and logistics sector.


About 20% of companies active in the logistics sector have been victims of a cyber-attack. This is the greatest threat for companies active in the logistics sector because it directly affects their business operations. Recognizing that cyber security risks vary across sectors, the roundtable emphasized the importance of adopting a sector-wide approach to strengthen the cyber resilience of entrepreneurs.


During the roundtable, led by Frank van Summeren, entrepreneurs engaged in interactive discussions centered around strategies to strengthen their cyber resilience. Participants drew inspiration from different sectors where cyber resilience programmes are already established such as FERM Rotterdam for their Port Cyber Resilience initiative and Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport for the horticultural sector.


The outcome of the roundtable was the exchange of valuable information and lessons learned between participants as well as new strategies to boost the cyber resilience in the logistics sector.

For more information about the state of cyber resilience in the logistics sector, read the report we published last year.
These sessions are partly made possible by MRDH, programme Sectoraal Digitaal Veilig.



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