Join the Cybersecurity Exploration Mission to Sweden!

13 okt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

After various roundtable discussions and webinars, the Dutch Embassy in Sweden, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Security Delta (HSD) and InnovationQuarter are embarking on the first physical reconnaissance mission Cybersecurity in Sweden.


Sweden is one of the world leaders when it comes to digital skills. However, their position in the field of cybersecurity is modest. The general need for cybersecurity knowledge, skills and implementation is enormous. The mission will take place on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. The costs are €500, - per company incl. VAT (excl. travel and accommodation).


Preliminary program

This exploratory mission enables Dutch cyber companies to explore the opportunities in the Swedish market. In addition, it provides an opportunity to establish initial contacts between Swedish stakeholders and the Dutch cybersecurity cluster. A preliminary program has been put together that will be further elaborated in consultation with the participating companies.

Thursday 10 November

The main activity on this day is a visit to Radar Summit, a one-day IT security conference where the main stakeholders from Sweden come together.

  • The Dutch delegation is introduced to Swedish visitors by means of a small stand.
  • In the evening there will be a private network dinner with Swedish cybersecurity experts and other invited guests who can introduce the Dutch delegation to their network and provide insight into the Swedish IT security market.

Friday 11 November

This day will revolve around a further deep dive in Sweden and the local initiatives in the field of cybersecurity.

  • During a network breakfast, local stakeholders give presentations on the latest developments in the Swedish IT security market and share their local knowledge and expertise with the delegation members in a small setting.
  • The delegation will visit one or more (cybersecurity) companies and/or knowledge institutes in the region.

Do you want to know more before signing up?

Please contact: 


Joeri Glastra

Innovation Liaison, Security Delta (HSD)

+31 6 23320905

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