Digitalzh and Security Delta Team Up to Help Entrepreneurs Enhance Digital Security

23 mei 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Digitalzh and Security Delta (HSD) join forces to help entrepreneurs enhance their digital security. Functioning as a comprehensive platform, Digitalzh offers companies a centralized place to seek support for their digitalization endeavors. To bolster expertise in cybersecurity, the Digitalzh team is collaborating with Security Delta (HSD).


Customized support for SMEs

Digitalzh recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and integrates it as a crucial component in supporting entrepreneurs. Through education and practical applications, Digitalzh helps businesses better protect themselves against digital threats. Via Digitalzh, entrepreneurs can deploy an expert on-site to improve their organization's or product's digital security. The services offered include:

  1. Cyber Resilience Action Plan: Entrepreneurs receive insights into their organization's digital security and a detailed action plan to take the necessary steps for improvement.
  2. Secure by Design Action Plan: Advice on making products 'secure by design' and/or complying with relevant regulations, ensuring security from the design phase.

Cyber expertise

With Security Delta (HSD) as a partner, Digitalzh has the cyber expertise available for enhancing security within digitalisation. HSD discusses the cyber resilience of your company and, if applicable, connects you with Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport, Cyber Resilience Centre Manufacturing South Holland, or FERM to assist in enhancing your cybersecurity. An action plan is devised with an expert to attain the appropriate level of cyber resilience, and you will be actively supported in executing this plan. The target audience comprises companies vulnerable to cybercrime, both in terms of their IT (such as business data) and their OT (such as online machinery and sensors).



The collaboration between Digitalzh and Security Delta represents a significant step forward in helping entrepreneurs enhance their digital security. By providing customized support and leveraging top-tier cybersecurity expertise, businesses in South Holland can anticipate a more secure and resilient digital future.


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Digitalzh is an initiative of InnovationQuarter and Delft University of Technology and is funded by the European Union.


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