HSD Director Joris den Bruinen Discusses Cyber Resilience SMEs at the Dutch IT Security Day

21 apr 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Security Delta (HSD) was one of the partners of the Dutch IT Security Day, which took place 31 March in the Fokker Terminal in the Hague. HSD director Joris den Bruinen was a panelist during a special session of the Dutch IT Cybersecurity Assembly, moderated by Dutch IT Channel’s Danny Frietman. 


The panel discussion raised the question of cybersecurity awareness amongst SMEs, a sector with much room for improvement when it comes to security. “The readiness in some sectors is not up to par”, remarked Den Bruinen. “Critical businesses such as banks and telecom providers have their cybersecurity in order. The smaller the business, the less mature they are when it comes to cybersecurity.”


During the Dutch IT Security Day, Den Bruinen was interviewed by Dutch IT Channel, where he explained his vision for raising cyber resilience across the board in the Netherlands. One of the initiatives Security Delta (HSD) launched to accomplish this, is the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport West-Holland. This programme is aimed at improving cybersecurity within the horticultural cluster. For more information on this initiative, listen to this radio interview with programme manager Bert Feskens, or visit the programme page.





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