FERM Rotterdam and Security Delta (HSD) Partner to Enhance Cyber Resilience South-Holland

18 apr 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

FERM and Security Delta (HSD) have signed a partnership agreement. The organisations will collaborate to help strengthen cyber resilience in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area and province of South-Holland. Through this reciprocal partnership both parties can enhance one another’s strengths, contribute to knowledge circulation, and align more effectively on shared interests.


One of the key areas of this collaboration is enabling knowledge sharing and activating their respective networks, especially for events related to cyber resilience. By pooling their resources and expertise, FERM and HSD can help organisations in the region better understand and address cyber threats. Both organisations have initiatives specifically aimed at strengthening cyber resilience for SMEs, a group of businesses that is challenging to reach.


HSD and FERM will also collaborate by building on the joint Cyber Force Measurement initiative, which includes shared partner ThreadStone. This cyber scan can reveal vulnerabilities within organisations based on public information. These scans serve as a jumping off point to seek out more services that strengthen cyber resilience. Such a scan was already performed in the port of Rotterdam.


"We are pleased that in addition to our public partners, suppliers and organizations such as NCSC and DTC, Security Delta is now joining our network through a cooperation agreement”, says Evelien Bras, director of FERM. “It offers more opportunities to support companies within the port industrial complex. Only together can we realize a cyber resilient port.”


The partnership between FERM and HSD seeks to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks in the region by enhancing the cyber resilience of businesses, organisations, and governmental organisations. By working together, the two organisations hope to create a safer and more resilient South-Holland and contribute to building a stronger cybersecurity ecosystem in the Netherlands.


Joris den Bruinen (HSD): “Collaboration and knowledge sharing are often not valued enough. Through this partnership we want to show that working together and sharing what we have learned are key if we are to achieve results on our shared mission. In this case we both help sectors, and business chains – with a focus on SME’s – to raise their cyber resilience.”

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