Insight into Digital Resilience Port of Rotterdam With 'Cyber Force Measurement'

18 jan 2023
Auteur: HSD Foundation

In the coming weeks, FERM will inform companies in the Port of Rotterdam about the outcome of the 'Cyber Force Measurement'. The aim is to raise cybersecurity awareness and encourage action to combat cybercrime. Over the last few months, more than 500 organisations within the Port Industrial Complex have been checked for a number of common digital vulnerabilities. The Cyber Strength Measurement is an initiative of FERM, in collaboration with ThreadStone Cyber Security and the Dutch security cluster Security Delta (HSD).


For the Cyber Strength Measurement, open sources on the internet were searched for vulnerabilities in relation to the domain names of the organisations in question. For example, by checking whether passwords or email addresses have been hacked and could therefore be traded by cyber criminals. This approach does not require explicit prior consent, as it involves public information. FERM will now share the results, including a full report, of these measurements with the organisations concerned. The report will indicate for each organisation which aspects of digital security have already been well organised and which aspects need extra attention. Entrepreneurs also receive a clear explanation on how to improve these aspects.


In addition to the insight for each organisation, an overall picture of the sector is created. FERM stimulates and facilitates cooperation between companies in the port to take cyber resilience to the next level. The 'macro picture' can be used to give organisations insight into how their situation compares to their colleagues in the schain. Research shows that this kind of benchmark helps to take action and measures.


The parties involved are committed to strengthening the position of the Port of Rotterdam wherever possible. Especially in the last year, with the geopolitical turmoil in the world which brings along increased digital threat, it has become even clearer that cyber security is crucial. By showing organisations where their vulnerabilities lie, through consulting public sources on the internet, we lower the threshold to actually take action. By strengthening every link in the main port, we benefit as a whole, even at the national level.


Sector approach

FERM is the first cyber resilience centre to embrace the Cyber Force Measurement to support its participants. ThreadStone Cyber Security provides the measurement and reporting. Security Delta is involved as this initiative is in line with the sectoral approach to make the Netherlands more digitally secure. As part of this sectoral approach Security Delta together with various partners launched the cyber resilience centre Greenport in 2022. The partners will now look at how the measurement can also be deployed in other sectors.


“The port and industry have a challenge,” says Evelien Bras, director of FERM. “And with that, we have an ambition for cyber resilience to grow in 2023 and beyond.”


Together we stand FERM  
The foundation FERM has recently been able to attract funding to start increasing the number of community participants. FERM is doing this by offering vital companies the opportunity to try out participation until the end of June 2023, halving the contribution for the entire calendar year. Part of the service is a FERM Cyber Resilience Scan worth 1,500 euros. In addition, participants obtain a ‘voucher’ worth 500 euros that can be spent on services from a supplier from FERM’s portfolio on, for example, awareness training, having a scan or pen test performed, and support or certification. 


Evelien Bras: "Of course, our existing members are not forgotten in the process; they will receive an extension to the existing vouchers worth 1,500 euros to purchase services from the FERM portfolio. In this way, we enable everyone to take another step in the strengthening of their cyber security.”


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