Cybertrace Expands Financial Cyber Fraud Consultancy Services to The Hague, the Netherlands

26 okt 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Australian scale-up company Cybertrace, a global specialist in Financial Threat Intelligence and Cyber Fraud Investigation, including Cryptocurrency Transaction Tracing, recently announced the expansion of its operations to The Hague, the Netherlands.


Headquartered at the HSD Campus, Cybertrace will serve Western European financial institutions and other B2B markets in Europe and beyond.
Founded in 2015 in Australia, Cybertrace was created to facilitate the increasing need for cyber based investigation and intelligence services. The company has developed several proprietary tools to assist with its operations and to gain the edge over criminal operations.


Complex cyber fraud cases for global clientele

As a globally focused cyber investigation company, Cybertrace can access the required data and evidence regardless of the jurisdiction. Cybertrace maintains a strong and reliable global network of service providers in all continents via their international associations. The company has extensive experience managing global matters, including adherence to foreign data privacy laws (including the EU GDPR), in-country cultural awareness, discrete processes that do not interrupt the regular course of business and multi-lingual capabilities.


Building scalable products

Cybertrace’s Dutch office is currently focused on using their extensive knowledge of cyber investigations and intelligence to create automated products. A prime motivator behind Cybertrace’s choice for The Hague was its fruitful collaboration with the InnovationQuarter and the Security Delta (HSD). InnovationQuarter assisted with the initial planning and set up of Cybertrace’s operations in the Netherlands, establishing its European office, as well as introducing the company to potential partners in the local ecosystem.


Dan Halpin, founder and CEO of Cybertrace is globally known as a pioneer in the investigation of cryptocurrency fraud. He is a former Australian Government Intelligence Officer, Police Officer and consultant Adviser to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


“While we are naturally also focused on gaining traction in the Dutch market for our current services, we selected this location at the heart of the Dutch cybersecurity community to increase the potential for collaboration with technology partners. The Hague is internationally known as a hub for cybersecurity and all types of crime fighting, with a great deal of innovation. Also, there are many investors interested in companies like Cybertrace, so it is a pleasure to be part of this community. Moreover, the team of InnovationQuarter provided valuable advice during our European expansion.”


Once Cybertrace maintains steady traction in the European market, they intend to focus on EU funding. This will accelerate innovation and product development for solutions that benefit the law enforcement and financial industries.


Contribution to the Dutch economy

Cybertrace’s presence in the Netherlands is expected to have a boosting effect on protecting the Dutch economy from financial cyber fraud. Cybertrace is currently building a complex AI based, proactive financial risk intelligence product which is specifically designed for the financial industry. This product is designed to inform customers of risk identified prior to, or during a transaction. This allows clients to block transactions, request additional information from the customer and reduce the potential for criminals to receive and launder the customer’s assets. This will directly reduce the fraud risks for clients and their customers.



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