Anne Visser Interviewed by Stories of Purpose: What is the Relationship between a Cucumber and Cybersecurity

17 jan 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

Anne Visser, Programme Coordinator Cybersecurity and Resilience at Security Delta (HSD), was recently interviewed by 'Stories of Purpose' on how the Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport (CWG) helps the horticulture sector enhance their cyber resilience.


“Like many sectors, horticulture value chains are digitally interconnected. If one organisation is affected, it has consequences across the supply chain.”


That is why Security Delta and Greenport West-Holland initiated CWG, which is made possible by a number of public and private organisations and universities. “CWG supports horticulture organisations with the steps required to advance the security of their digital assets and creates awareness for the matter in the sector.”


Read the full article on Stories of Purpose by The Hague & Partners here.

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