American Cybersecurity Company Red Trident Opens a New Office at the HSD Campus in The Hague

08 juni 2022
Auteur: InnovationQuarter

During the RSA Conference taking place from 6-9 June 2022 in San Francisco, American OT cybersecurity company Red Trident announced the opening of its new office in The Hague. The cybersecurity ecosystem of the city has made a great impression on Red Trident with its business value and now Red Trident’s new European office can call the Security Delta (HSD) – thé Dutch Security Cluster – a home. 


Red Trident is a Houston, Texas, based cybersecurity services company founded in 2014 that provides security solutions that were designed and built to protect critical infrastructure and meet the unique needs and challenges that face customers operating industry 4.0 and OT systems.


Dedicated focus on OT cybersecurity
Holistic cybersecurity is typically limited to organizations with large budgets and teams of people to support the program. Red Trident brings a more cost-effective approach by understanding what an attacker would do and building meaningful and cost-effective cyber programs for smaller companies. Red Trident is one of the few companies in the world that was founded with a dedicated focus on OT cybersecurity. With a diverse team of engineers and cybersecurity professionals, the company can support many industries with in-depth knowledge of their operations and apply the proper amount of cybersecurity to cost-effectively mitigate cyber risk.


The opening of a branch in The Hague marks the company’s aim to scale up its European expansion. Red Trident’s target market comprises midsize to enterprise companies in the area of OT cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and industrial automation. 


“The HSD campus offers us the ideal base to support Red Trident’s growth. Within just an hour, we have the Port of Rotterdam, national cybersecurity units, universities, and a large cluster of innovative companies and partners all working together to solve cybersecurity challenges.” commented Emmett Moore, company’s founder and CEO. 

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A strong cybersecurity community in the Greater Rotterdam-The Hague area

The Hague has established itself as the international city of peace, justice and security. It is a major hub for cybersecurity in Europe, with the presence of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, NATO Communications and Information Agency, the Dutch cybersecurity, intelligence and security agencies as well as a wide range of cybersecurity businesses. The Hague has an unparalleled ecosystem around cybersecurity – the Security Delta (HSD) – with over 275 public and private partners collaborating to make a difference in securing our digitizing society. The core is the HSD Campus in The Hague. The ecosystem is designed to facilitate organizations by providing access to knowledge, innovation, talent, capital and market. 


Red Trident becomes part of a very suitable ecosystem. “In fact, about 32% of all Dutch cybersecurity firms are based in the Greater Rotterdam - The Hague area”, said Martijn van Hoogenhuijze and Philip Meijer, both Senior Account Managers Cybersecurity at InnovationQuarter. “Red Trident is looking forward to its new partnership with Security Delta (HSD) and InnovationQuarter to meet more customers, partners, and peers to advance OT cybersecurity in Europe.” Emmett added.


In the following months InnovationQuarter’s Account Managers involved in the establishment of Red Trident, Philip Meijer and Martijn van Hoogenhuijze, will continue the support. The expansion marks the beginning of Red Trident’s planned growth for 2022 and they are looking to engage with organizations in the Netherlands and throughout Europe and therewith establish a presence in key markets.

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