UNICRI Deep Fakes and Video Manipulations Workshop

11 november 2019
10:00u - 17:00u
HSD Campus
UNICRI & Data Science Initiative

The UNICRI Centre for Artificial Intelligence Robotics, with support of the Data Science Initiative of the City of the Hague, is organizing a workshop on deep-fakes and manipulated videos.


As a following-up to the Hackathon for Good 2019 challenge on Deep Fakes (June 2019) we aim to discuss the current status and prevalence of video manipulations; to understand how major international organizations such as Europol, NATO, UNICRI are tackling the risks and improper use of video manipulations; and to run a practical workshop on the technology behind video manipulation detection, and what we can and should do to make sure video manipulations can be detected and not used improperly, including by criminals and terrorists.


The workshop will be hosted by UNICRI at the Hague Security Delta HQ, and will feature presentations and participation from Europol, NATO, TomTom, Bitfury, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands, the Netherlands National Police, Jheronymus Academy of Data Science and many others. The workshop will also have a practical part to it with Machine Learning Canvas Workshops, with group discussions on: Impact and Value Proposition and Deep Learning Algorithms and Deployment.