Personnel Protection & Safety Europe

04 maart 2015 - 05 maart 2015
09:00u - 17:00u
Crown Plaza Den Haag Promenade, Van Stolkweg 1, The Hague
Torch, KNM Media

Personnel Protection & Safety Europe will bring greater awareness towards the increasing threats faced by international travellers on duty/employed by companies operating abroad, as well as highlight the new legal and moral obligations and requirements of companies, as well as Risk Assessment and Mitigation and what to do if things do go wrong.

Are you aware of your corporate responsibilities, accountabilities and obligations to employees who travel and work abroad, or the consequences should something go wrong?

The Safety and Health of Workers and Work Directive (Council Directive 89/391/EEC, 1989) and Posted Workers Directive imposes a general Duty of Care on employers and requires that specific measures be taken. This includes the development of an overall protection policy, elimination of known and potential risks, awareness and adaptation of new, safe technology, training and consultation with employees, and health surveillance.

In new and unfamiliar surroundings, employees and contractors can find themselves in strange or precarious environments and uncertainty, presenting increased threats to their security and health &safety. This can heighten the corporate liability of employers, who have a legal and moral Duty of Care for their employees.

Who should attend:
Personnel Protection & Safety Europe is for government organisations, NGOs, multi-national corporations, SMEs who have personnel who travel abroad for business, whether short trips or long term contracts:
• Managing Directors
• Human Resources
• Risk Managers
• Travel Risk Managers
• Occupational Health & Safety Managers
• Travel Managers • Sales Force Managers
• Operational Site Managers
• Security Managers