Managing Multiple Threats beyond COVID-19 – Unique insights from industry experts

01 oktober 2020
15:00u - 16:00u

Discover the best way to manage multiple threats as part of your COVID-19 recovery – join our upcoming webinar on 1st October, 3pm CEST

Whether it’s a cyberattack or an act of nature, managing critical events is an essential part of preparing and protecting your business from the effects of a crisis.

As global businesses are coming to terms with the reality of COVID-19 – including how to recover from it – it’s important to remember that critical events don’t take turns. Rather, they can strike at any time, simultaneously – a factor made more complex if your operations are spread across multiple sites and geographies.

We’ve brought together some of the most influential people in Critical Event Management to discuss:

- The emerging threats facing businesses today – including the impacts of unexpected threats.
- The barriers to effective multiple critical event management – such as data, siloes, and ineffective people management.
- The importance of stakeholder buy-in – and why departmental strategies are critical.
- How good communication can make all the difference – including what channels are right for your needs.
- The importance of a comprehensive critical event management platform – based on real-world case examples of organisations that have successfully navigated risk.

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