Guest Hacker Program - Insider Threat - Elsine van Os

19 juni 2018
14:00u - 15:30u
KPN, The Hague, Maanplein 55, TP5, Serre

Each month a Guest Hacker Program is being organized at KPN. On the 19th of June the next Guest Hacker Program will take place. Elsine van Os, Clinical Psychologist and CEO of Signpost Six will be giving a presentation titled ‘Roads to Derailment: Integrating psychology in insider threat management’.

Elsine van Os is the founder and CEO of Signpost Six. She is a Clinical Psychologist and Intelligence and Security Expert. Elsine has worked on high profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments and management on country, asset and individual levels.

Working for years in the Oil and Gas sector, a high risk environment for all forms of (cyber) security threats, Elsine and the industry simultaneously grew up with growing threats in the cyber domain. She observed, however, the heavy reliance on technological solutions at the expense of the human factor. This lead to Elsine focusing on so called Behavioural Intelligence and Threat Assessment. As a result, Elsine founded Signpost Six, to not only be able to teach professionals how to use these skills effectively, but also how to be able to identify ‘signposts’ that could potentially lead to adverse impacts on an organisation. This is an integral part of Signpost Six’s Insider Risk program.

What happens when individuals conduct malicious acts inside organizations? What processes do they go through and what interventions can be taken from a human perspective? We will take a look into the mind of an ‘insider’ and provide insights into comprehensive programmes to address insider threats in organizations. I will focus on the critical pathway approach (Shaw) and will use case studies (like Chelsey Manning or Aldrich Ames) to take you along on their paths to derailment.

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