Criminal Intelligence Analysis Course

27 oktober 2014 - 31 oktober 2014
08:00u - 17:00u
Park Hotel in The Hague
Lowlands Solutions Netherlands

This one-week (36 hour) “hands-on” program will provide the attendee with the techniques they can use immediately to solve real-world problems that daily confront the law enforcement community. Once trained, the attendee will be able to identify the individuals in a conspiracy and determine their relationships with one another, effectively track and monitor criminal events, establish the sources and distribution of funds necessary to underwrite conspiratorial activities and identify the financial gain realized from a wide variety of illegal operations.

Presented in a comfortable, non-threatening environment that permits both individualized and group instruction, the training takes a “learn-by-doing” approach that gives the attendees many opportunities to actually perform the tasks associated with criminal intelligence analysis work. Each person will learn how to prepare the types of link analysis, time line analysis and economic analysis which have proven themselves to be very effective in homicide and robbery investigations and in activities involving organized crime, narcotics and the criminal actions of today’s street gangs.

Extensive use of “hands-on” exercises will enhance the ability to manage complex data, identify missing case elements, and develop suspect leads. This format of instruction allows not only for a highly effective interactive exchange between the student and the facilitator, but offers unique opportunities for group interaction and collaboration as well.

This course will provide an arsenal of techniques that can be used to organize crime data, identify conspiratorial activities, establish relationships between people and organizations and effectively present the findings in criminal court proceedings.