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In the Centre for Public Safety & Security in Digital Society (CVD), public and private sector partners join forces and resources. Anticipating on major societal challenges, knowledge is jointly developed and shared, educational and training programmes are developed for established organisations and start-ups, well embedded in applied research programmes. An enduring safe and resilient society is our challenge, expanding digital savy safety & security workforce is our mission.


The educational programmes are drivers in Life-long Learning (LLO) programmes, linking with training courses and master classes for professionals. CVD offers encompassing learning pathways comprising vocational, bachelor, masters and postgraduate degree programmes. Exchange of knowledge and expertise takes place in an expanding ecosystem of learning communities, driven forward by study programmes aligned with future labor marked needs. Public and private partners are coproducers of these learning communities and embedded training, education and applied research programmes.


The central themes of the strategic and applied research programmes in public-private consortia are aligned with and continuously innovate the content of the study and LLO programmes: new insights and developments are immediately applied. It concerns the following themes: Critical data & infrastructure: securing quality of data is essential for operational and interorganisational resilience of critical data infrastructures. Actionable information: data driven approaches improve  cyber and physical security. Cyber resilience: digital systems comprising responsible applications of data and AI for safety & security.


CVD engages in alliances with Security Delta (HSD), dcypher, DTC, VNG, CCV and the national Impact Coalition Safety & Security.