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The Netherlands

Cyberspace creates endless opportunities for innovation, while simultaneously, the global digital transformation poses a new set of security challenges. Founded by Dr Mark van Staalduinen, CFLW Cyber Strategies provide solutions where strategy and technology meet, staying ahead in this cyber-physical and cyber-financial realm. Drawing on CFLW’s long track record, international experience, and technical expertise, we craft the following solutions:


First, our solution targets the disruption of Dark Web and Virtual Asset crimes, such as money laundering, child sexual abuse, drug trafficking, and other crimes. Through the use of dark web monitoring and virtual asset analytics, CFLW’s strategies support the breaking of anonymity provided by privacy-preserving technologies such as darknets and cryptocurrencies. These technical solutions are achieved in co-creation with our alliance of security professionals.


Second, the global adoption of emergent technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet-of-Things (IoT), accompanies new risks for exploitation. CFLW strengthens and improves cybersecurity through strategic studies, capacity plans, and dialogues to raise awareness, harmonise, and increase the adoption of security solutions. These strategies aim to disclose the vulnerabilities of these technologies.


Finally, CFLW recognises the global importance and scarcity of human capital. Active within various international networks and with a global reach, focused on Europe and Southeast Asia, we engage in software development services, academic collaboration, and capacity building projects.


At CFLW Cyber Strategies, our solutions rethink cyber threats through the eyes of the adversary.

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