Tesorion Opts for Strategic Partnership with Cybereason

12 sept 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

A new collaboration in cybersecurity: HSD partner Tesorion and Cyberreason start a strategic partnership. With this partnership Tesorion -the largest, 100% Dutch, independent cybersecurity service provider- takes another step in the realization of its growth strategy. Cybereason’s platform provides Tesorion with insights into what is happening on customers’ endpoints, when a potential cyber incident occurs and what can be done about it. This allows specialists to intervene even faster and more effectively.


The number of cybersecurity incidents is increasing and the time in which an attack is carried out is becoming shorter. As a result, the time in which an attack is noticed and the time it takes to respond to an attack are increasingly important. Cybereason’s platform is distinguished by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This allows significantly more alerts to be pointed out, filtered and correlated with each other in a much shorter time. Thus, SOC specialists are able to intervene quickly and in a targeted manner and keep cybercriminals out of harm’s way at an early stage.


Read the official press release (in Dutch).

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