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08 dec 2022
Auteur: HSD Foundation

On 8 December, the HSD Community came together at the HSD Campus for the HSD Annual Meeting where general director Joris den Bruinen reflected on the results of 2022 and presented the annual plan for 2023.


Joris den Bruinen: "Looking back at 2022, we can say it was a constructive year in which we, once again, took big steps towards the realisation of our ambitions as defined in our Strategy 2021-2025. We have achieved almost all our targets in close collaboration with our partners. Therefore, we would like to thank our partners, stakeholders and the HSD Office colleagues.”


Highlights 2022

  • Our knowledge & innovation programmes, that we have conducted with 100+ triple helix partners, have generated €8.8 million in triggered investments in 2022. This far surpasses our target of €1 million.

  • At the regional level, we are taking a structural approach to cyber resilience. We have produced analysis reports for five sectors: logistics, maritime, aerospace, water, manufacturing and Life Sciences & Health (LSH). Concrete steps have been taken to enhance the cyber resilience of the horticultural sector, through the launch of the Cyber Resilience Center Greenport in October and by connecting this center with the cyber threat intel from the NCSC via Connect2Trust. 

  • On the topic of AI we have contributed to the launch of several new initiatives and invested in building the AI community. Concrete results include two honored ELSA lab consortia, two projects/consortia in the field of Data & Intelligence from NWO calls and the launch of the position paper "AI applications for Security, Peace and Justice", realised with approximately 30 organisations.

  • As part of our programmes on Smart Secure Cities we have executed our role as programme office of the Impact Coalition Safety & Security. In terms of content, administration and communication, HSD is carrying out this assignment. There is a governance structure, stakeholder commitment, annual implementation agenda, multi-year research agenda, programme funds and 18 ongoing projects involving 115+ partners. In addition, through the RTI Lab, we contributed with partners to the Intelligence Congress of the Dutch Police.

  • We also executed multiple programmes as part of the Human Capital Agenda Security, with the international cyber security summer school as highlight. Furthermore, we co-organised Access to Capital events and executed many international programmes. As an additional activity, HSD has officially become an officially recognised publisher of the 'ECSO Cyber Security Made in Europe label'. 
Annual Plan
During the Annual meeting, the highlights of the annual plan were presented, as well as future activities concerning the 10th anniversary of Security Delta (HSD) in 2023. Additionally, the new community/partner manager Netania Engelbrecht was introduced to the community.
To mark our 10th anniversary, several activities and communication moments will take place during the year, all intertwined with our existing programmes. With the objective to treat our community with knowledge and inspiration. An important part of the anniversary is the event on 29 June 2023. Click here for more information about this event and save the date.
Click here for more information about the HSD annual plan 2023

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