Dutch Privacy Awards 2024: Roseman Labs and ICTRecht Among Winners Dutch Privacy Awards 2024

25 jan 2024
Auteur: HSD Foundation

The 2024 ceremony of the Dutch Privacy Awards took place at the 7th National Privacy Conference on January 24th and was organised by ECP (Platform for the Information Society) and the Privacy First Foundation. The Dutch Privacy Awards provide a platform for initiatives and organisations who view privacy protection as a way to set themselves apart and standardise privacy-friendly innovation and business practices. 


This year the conference focused on the theme of 'Education and Privacy'. Among the winners are HSD partners ICTRecht and Roseman Labs, with their solutions for handling user data securely. The nominees included BlueGen-ai, Databoss, DIVD, Jet-Stream, Linksight, Oasys Now, Privacy Simulatie, Proofme, and Public Transport Groningen Drenthe.


Public Transport Groningen Drenthe - Roseman Labs

In order to guarantee a socially and inclusive transportation offer in the area, Public Transport Groningen Drenthe is dedicated to fostering collaboration between the government and transportation companies. Understanding the travel requirements and habits of the target groups is essential for productive collaboration. Public Transport Groningen Drenthe collaborated with Roseman Labs to identify the optimal privacy protection solution for analysing travel patterns without obtaining personal traveler data from various transportation providers. This is in a setting where minimal or no application of this type of analysis exists.


Public Transport Groningen Drenthe has been proclaimed the winner of the Dutch Privacy Award 2024 in the 'Application' category by the jury.


Privacy Simulation - ICT Recht

A fun technique to teach your colleagues how to handle personal information responsibly is through the use of the game format Privacy Simulation. It is an engaging, dynamic, and unique tool that has two levels and provides lots of room to add content augmentation, and includes several maturity levels. It is meant to increase awareness of privacy protection in organisations. Real interaction and a lovely interface are what distinguish this e-learning program from many others that use automated click-through questions. Elevating the organisation's privacy game makes it more appealing, which raises the bar for organisational privacy.


As a result, the jury selected Privacy Simulation as the Dutch Privacy Award 2024 winner in the 'Awareness' category.


For more information, see the Dutch Privacy Awards website.


Photo: Istock.com/Kwanchanok Taen-on

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