F.M. van Tol
Westeinde 1
1017 ZN Amsterdam

DNB seeks to safeguard financial stability and thus contributes to sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands. As an independent central bank, supervisory authority and resolution authority, DNB works in tandem with its European partners to achieve:

  • price stability and a balanced macroeconomic development in Europe; 
  • a shock-resilient financial system and a secure, reliable and efficient payment system; and
  • strong and sound financial institutions that meet their obligations and commitments and can be orderly resolved if needed.


Both information security and physical security are vital to achieving our mission. We work with highly sensitive information regarding financial markets and institutions, and leakage or loss of such data would cause severe damage to the financial sector and DNB’s reputation. To fulfill our security mission, we work according to the very highest standards and use proven technologies. We cooperate with many partners in the security domain, and this partnership is the next step to enhancing this cooperation and sharing our knowledge.


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