Call for proposal: EIT Digital 2021 Brokerage Events

24 maart 2021 - 26 maart 2021
EIT Digitial

Given the evolution of the situation around the spread of Covid-19 in Europe and beyond, EIT digital has decided to modify the physical EIT Digital 2021 Brokerage Event in Brussels from 24 - 26 March next.

Everybody who wants to attend the Brokerage Event and doesn’t want to pitch/present his/her idea, please register through the register button above.


To facilitate match-making around the proposals, EIT Digital has worked on an alternative digital format that will be open until the end of the Call 2021 and allows you to:

  • (i) describe your proposal
  • (ii) consult any proposals available by other partners and reach out to them, and
  • (iii) the availability to pitch your proposal by video connection.

How does it work? Please fill-in the form for each proposal you'd like to make (ATTENTION: one form per proposal, as many proposals as you like) and a spreadsheet summarizing all of the submitted proposals will then be available on the website.



In the form you can also indicate if you wish to pitch your proposal by video connection. 


Please consult the webpage, section “HOW TO PARTICIPATE?” for more detailed information.

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