Join the Cybersecurity Globaliser: an Internationalisation Readiness Programme

13 Mar 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On 11 March, Duch Basecamp and InnovationQuarter announced that they have teamed up to organise the cybersecurity Globaliser. The Globaliser is an internationalisation readiness programme dedicated to kickstart the international expansion of (tech)scale-ups. The Globaliser selects eight scale-ups that have the potential to positively impact the cyber industry on a global scale. The programme will run from April until mid June, and registrations are now open.

A ten week programme for the international growth of Cybersecurity scale-ups. They use DutchBasecamp’s tools, network and unique approach to build a solid internationalisation strategy. 
After finishing the globaliser participants will have:
  • A validated international target market
  • A GTM strategy for that market
  • A solid international roadmap which will give you practical guidance on the next steps to take

The Globaliser consists of four sprints. Each sprint contains a plenary session, specific homework and individual coaching by a very experienced entrepreneur. With coaching, network and validation startups get the confidence to channel their precious resources into unfamiliar territories with conviction.


Programme Details
  • When: 20 May - 22 June 2020
  • Participation fee: €750,-


The Gloaliser is organised by Dutch Basecamp and InnovationQuarter in collaboration with HSD, city of The Hague and the Province of South-Holland.
Because of COVID19 the programme will be online.



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