Official start Partners for International Business on Cyber Security USA

10 Mar 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

Today marks the official start of the Partners for International Business (PIB) program on Cyber Security in the United States. The partners (Audittrail, SecuredNow, Radically Open Security, Zivver, aXite, EclecticIQ, Compumatica, InnovationQuarter, Security Delta (HSD) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) signed the covenant and action plan in December 2021 and today we are officially starting our activities to take advantage of the enormous market potential and its influence on the global cybersecurity market. 


United States remains one of the largest and most dominant players in the field of cybersecurity, both in terms of market size, but also R&D and foreign investments. Competition in the USA is fierce, but the demand for cybersecurity solutions continues to grow as trends such as IoT and AI foster the need for digital protection. Therefore, structural long-term collective business development is a desirable approach. 


The PIB program aims to localize itself in the market and thereby acquire the required high level of trust necessary for successful export, eventually leading to better business opportunities. The Netherlands can support the USA in their ambitions by taking a unified approach with niche experts and sharing knowledge and expertise in, amongst others, securing critical infrastructure against cyber threats, protecting human privacy and securely managing data. The Dutch cyber security sector works with a range of industries focusing on the broad areas of Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC. For example, energy, finance, healthcare, government, infrastructure, and manufacturing. 


The PIB partnered up with Scale NL and set up a special program within the platform to allow the partners access to mentors from all out USA. Today, NL branding also presented the PIB website showcasing the partners and highlighting several use-cases. The website will be used as a collective business card to partners in the USA. Furthermore, a liaison located in the USA is hired in the coming months, to assist the PIB partners in their activities and set up interesting connections that could potentially lead to new business opportunities. Furthermore, the partners will visit and join several conferences and missions in the coming years such as the RSA Conference (San Francisco), International Manufacturing Technology Show (Chicago) and an incoming mission to the One Conference (The Hague). 



Cybersecurity Trade Mission to San Francisco (RSA)

Also this year a Trade Mission is set up for the RSA Conference, that will take place from 5 untill 10 June 2022.

Interested to join? You can stiil apply for this mission. Please find here more information and how to register. 


The PIB Cybersecurity USA is part of the larger Roadmap Cybersecurity US 2020-2023. Interested in joining the PIB program or connecting to the partners? Please contact Marlou Snelders (



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