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Audittrail is an audit and consultancy firm in the disciplines GRC, information security, privacy, awareness and cyber resilience. We provide advice tailor-made by our professionals, which is provided with good tools with which organizational advice and findings can be converted into a lasting improvement and a growth in the maturity level of information security and privacy compliant working. With the help of comprehensible, transparent and concise reports, we share our knowledge with organizations, so that people can continue to work to achieve the objectives and work on their PDCA. (Plan Do Check Act)


In cooperation with our partners, we are able to answer and solve your compliance issues with high-quality and workable solutions. Get a grip on your processes faster and stay in control even better. Audittrail works according to the various standards frameworks, such as: ISO27001, BIO, NEN. Together we work on your GDPR standards.


At Audittrail, our customer is our focus point, and we think in terms of solutions. We strive for a multidisciplinary approach to achieve and maintain an adequate level of privacy and information security. As an organization, we are active with companies and organizations in the housing corporations' sector as well as municipalities, healthcare, education, central government. We are also active in the private sectors such as the transport & mobility sector, packaging industry and fast-food franchises.


We have a team of professional in different areas on Privacy & Information Security and we’re able to provide an organisation with temporary or additional support on sight by dispatching of a Security Officer, Privacy Officers, as well as Data Protections Officers. Our areas of expertise are audits, crisis management, business continuity management, BIA's, risk management, awareness training, cyber resilience training on sight or online. For our international partners, we can fulfil the role of EU representative and data protection officer for European and non-EU organisations.


With Audittrails’ recently launched PRISM (platform for Privacy and Information security) we provide our followers with updates in their interest and branch related content, with an additional Helpdesk option, standard documents library, DPIA module, training video's, quizzes and much more.  Join your interest group to stay in touch with your colleagues in similar sectors or industries, where you can keep informed on developments on a day-to-day basis.







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