IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) to Host Monthly Meetings at HSD Campus

11 Jul 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

IoT Security Foundation is launching their new IoTSF Amsterdam chapter, and has chosen the HSD Campus as their meeting location. This initiative aims to encourage effective knowledge sharing and collaboration in the domain of IoT. Furthermore, this chapter also has the goal to influence industry directions, strengthen the industry, foster engagement, reinforce industry practices and recommendations, drive improvements in regulations & standards, build partnerships with other organisations and promote inclusivity and diversity.


The international foundation will be hosting their events at the HSD Campus, the national innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster in The Hague with IT labs, education and training facilities, flexible office spaces and meeting rooms. The HSD Campus is also the home of the IoT Forensics Lab of the Leiden University of Applied Sciences. 


In the next 12 months, IoTSF Amsterdam aims to hold several in-person events as well as smaller meetups every second Thursday of the month with guest speakers and networking opportunities. Webinars aimed at the Netherlands IoT community are also planned.


The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) is a not-for-profit, global membership association working to make the connected world ever-more secure. They are an international response to the complex challenges posed by cybersecurity in the expansive hyper-connected world of IoT. By collaborating on cyber protection, they strive to raise the quality bar for secure IoT. 

Chapter Leader Antoinette Hodes: “I am so happy that we, at last, have an IoTSF Chapter for Amsterdam. By fostering an atmosphere that encourages knowledge sharing and facilitating meaningful discussions, the ultimate aim is to cultivate a thriving community of IoT enthusiasts who can mutually learn and drive collective growth. As an IoTSF Chapter Leader, my dedication lies in organising workshops, seminars, and networking events that offer valuable learning opportunities for our members.”