NWA Call: € 8.1 Million Available for Cybersecurity Research by Consortia

16 Jan 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is making more than eight million euros available for research by consortia into a secure and reliable digital domain. The call intends to find ways of realising secure and reliable data sharing, both now and in the future. The call for proposals focuses on governance and cybersecurity, whether or not in combination with cryptology.


A key question with respect to the secure and reliable sharing of data is whether, and if so, how we can safeguard the public values of security and reliability through the use of technology. The call "Cybersecurity" will try to find answers to questions concerning responsibilities and action perspectives in the digital domain for government bodies, institutions, companies and citizens. How information can be shared safely and reliably and under which conditions will also be considered.


The consortia to be formed will work in an interdisciplinary manner and across the entire knowledge chain. Talent development will receive specific attention, and there will be a clear possibility to draw talent from outside of academia for PhD research.


The total budget of the call for proposals is 8.11 million euros. The deadline for submitting full proposals is 15 September 2020. There is no pre-proposals phase and no other letters of intent are required.


On 30 January 2020, NWO is organising a matchmaking event in response to this call. For more information and to register for this event, click here.


For more information and to apply for this call, click here.

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