MRDH Invests in SME DigiCafés

22 Mar 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of an agile SME. Entrepreneurs need to move with the trends and developments to be ready for the future. Digitalisation is one of the steps. But how do you tackle this as an entrepreneur? MRDH wants to use its 'emerge stronger from the crisis' approach to facilitate entrepreneurs in taking steps towards digital entrepreneurship. For this reason, in its meeting of 17 March 2021, the Executive Committee Economisch Vestigingsklimaat decided to make a financial contribution to the SME DigiCafé project.


The municipality of Rotterdam is an applicant of this contribution from the 'MKB010>>Next' programme, but the implementation of this project is being carried out by IT Campus Rotterdam in collaboration with HSD, the Dutch Innovation Factory and the digital workplaces in the Rijnmond and Haaglanden regions. 


Daphne Swart, programme manager at IT Campus Rotterdam and responsible for the MKB DigiWerkplaats Rijnmond: “In the monthly SME DigiCafés we inform and inspire entrepreneurs in retail, business and other services, (manufacturing) industry and transport & logistics sectors. We inform them about secure digital solutions for the challenges they face. The 15 online meetings that we organise are available for the entire region and provide a direct link to the digital workplaces. In this way, entrepreneurs can directly ask their questions at the digital workplaces.”

Once the dates of the DigiCafés are known, they will be announced through amongst others the channels of HSD.


The SME DigiCafés is a regional initiative supported by MKB Rotterdam Rijnmond, Netwerk Zoetermeer, Gemeente Zoetermeer, Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Schiedam, Gemeente Delft, Rabobank, VNO-NCW Rotterdam Rijnmond en VNO-NCW Den Haag


Read the entire interview with Daphne Swart here (in Dutch).

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