NGO's visit HSD Campus for Meeting to Improve their Cyber Security

31 Jan 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

Several HSD partners, the municipality of The Hague, Leiden University and HSD Office took the initiative to conduct research on the level of knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity among NGOs. Resulting in a cyber security meeting at the HSD Campus on 31 January, connecting humanitarian and development NGOs to HSD partners. 


These NGOs are non-governmental organisations are based in The Hague and have an active network in many countries worldwide. They provide humanitarian aid and development, for instance during crises and in conflict affected areas like Haiti, Afghanistan and Syria.


Just like young entrepreneurs, the NGOs recognise the vital importance of cybersecurity for their work. The results of the research also show that more can be done to improve the cybersecurity of NGOs who are headquartered in the Netherlands.


This is why HSD partners and The Hague municipality launched the “SINGO” project. As part of this expanding group, there will be more meetings where HSD partners will give advice and training. We strive for increased links between HSD businesses and development NGOs, creating innovative partnerships and supporting the security of NGOs.

HSD Partners involved