Dutch Police and KPN Security Join Forces to Combat Cyber Crime

18 Sep 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Business and government desperately need each other in the fight against cybercrime. “We can protect our customers against cyber attacks, but we have no investigative powers,” says Jordi Scharloo, security researcher at KPN Security. That is why KPN Security works together with the High Tech Crime Team of the Dutch police. “Together we try to disrupt cyber criminals.”


As part of the collaboration, KPN Security shares real-time data about malware infections and data breaches with the team. Scharloo: “If we are aware that an infection is about to take place somewhere, we want to warn the organisation and tackle the perpetrators. But our possibilities for detection are limited, especially abroad. In such a situation, you have to connect with international partners such as the FBI. And the FBI is more willing to listen to the High Tech Crime Team than to a private party like KPN Security.”


The collaboration also has advantages for the High Tech Crime Team. “The police work on the basis of reports and individual cases,” explains Scharloo. “The High Tech Crime Team cannot simply collect the data that we collect with our technology. They only receive permission from the Public Prosecutor for a targeted investigation. We really complement each other with the data exchange. Together we have already prevented several infections that could have caused major problems in the supply chain.”


For more information, read the KPN Security blog (in Dutch)

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