Launched: Alert Online Campaign 2015

26 Oct 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Today, on Monday 26 October, the annual Alert Online campaign has started. Alert Online is a joint initiative from the government, businesses and knowledge institutions. More than 120 Dutch partner organisations support the campaign and unite their forces to raise awareness for cyber security in the Netherlands. Klaas Dijkhoff,  Secretary of State of Security and Justice, launched the campaign by addressing the importance of online security. In his speech he also presented the outcomes of the national awareness research. Other speakers during the kick-off event were Michaël van Straalen (Manager MKB-Nederland), René van Etten (Founder of HSD partner ThreadStone Cyber Security) and Arie van Bellen (Director ECP).

The Campaign
Entrepreneurs, consumers and governments are online all the time. It can therefore be said that the internet has become an important aspect of our daily lives. We use our
smartphones, computers and tablets for sharing knowledge and doing business without taking in mind online risks. These risks are highly present and therefore online security should not be taken for granted. 

HSD and other partners of Alert Online will organise a variety of activities during the Alert Online campaign. Firstly, HSD will be involved in a child debate on online security on 3 November. Secondly, HSD will participate in a panel during the Holland Strikes Back event and will be present at the NCSRA symposium. Finally, HSD will launch an introduction guide for SMEs on how to secure critical information.

HSD Partners involved