Boris Goranov
+31 880 220 440

Ubiqu provides a technological mobile solution to cover all digital security. Using Ubiqu, you are sure to have the current best digital security for websites and apps but without compromising in user experience.


More companies claim they can do this. Ask them if they can protect against Man-in-the-Middle, cloning  and Phishing. They simply can not, especially not without any hardware token like SIM-Cards. We know they can not do it properly, that is why Ubiqu invented a radical new security technology for your mobile.


In essence Ubiqu uses a App-HSM hybrid technology that creates a secure channel between an application and a Secure Element. This is done in such a secure way that it is no longer necessary to have the Secure Element on the mobile phone.


The Secure Element can be placed in the ‘cloud’ at Ubiqu or on your own server. Once implemented the solution can be certified for Qualified Electronic Signatures (ISO LoA 4 ; ETSI 101 456 qualified cert. ; eIDA etc.). This makes Ubiqu the first and only company in the world that can offer you at least the same security as hardware tokens but with the convenience, ease of use and modifiability of software. You can use your own mobile phone anywhere. You are able to access websites, apps, ATM’s and validate changes or transactions without the use of specialized hardware tokens and invasive bound-by-contract deals with SIM-providers.


Ubiqu provides this technology to companies that use it as part of their total identity solution. For all needs besides the best digital security, Ubiqu’s app-HSM hybrid technology combines the best of all worlds.