Audittrail Continues Partnership with UMBC

21 Sep 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

Softlanding programme member Audittrail has renewed its leasing contract with bwtech@UMBC CyberHive, a program that aims to help start-up technology companies expand and succeed. The company has maintained a vision for global expansion and has partnered with the UMBC cyber startup program over the last year in order to achieve a physical presence in the U.S. It is an example of outcome of the multi-year softlanding programme of InnovationQuarter/HSD and partnership with the Maryland Department of Commerce and bwtech@UMBC.


 “The continuation of this partnership between Audittrail and bwtech@UMBC helps both Maryland and The Netherlands achieve and expand their goals of global connection,” said Maryland Secretary of Commerce Kelly M. Schulz. 


“By renewing the lease with UMBC we reiterate our ambition to expand Audittrail’s business to the US to help customers in their ambition to be in control on the topic of security and privacy compliance. We see Maryland as an ideal state to host our U.S. headquarters,” said Jorrit van de Walle, Audittrial CEO. 

Audittrail, a hybrid audit & advisory and solution organization, specializes in information security, privacy, as well as GRC (governance, risk, and compliance). The company conducts audits and advisory services, in addition to creating international awareness programs and social engineering tools/trainings. The company also delivers Compliance Management Framework (CMF) software that helps to manage accountability. 


For the last year, Audittrail representatives and employees have traveled to Baltimore, using the space at bwtech@UMBC CyberHive as a central hub. The auditing organization is hoping to maintain a presence in the U.S. by establishing a team of representatives in the Baltimore and D.C. area, and recruitment efforts began earlier this year. 


This lease renewal opportunity will help continue Audittrail’s ambition of expanding business in the US, while using Maryland as an ideal state to host their US headquarters. For more information on this partnership, check out the original release. 


Want to know more about Audittrail and their international ambitions? Click here for an interview with Jorrit van de Walle.

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