Alert Online is an initiative that facilitates and promotes cyber security throughout the public and private sectors, in the fields of education and science, and among consumers in the Netherlands, while also encouraging them to behave more cyber securely. The intention of the Alert Online campaign is to establish a movement in this area, while also making consumers more aware of their own online and digital security, as well as raising their digital resilience. Alert Online organizes various activities throughout the year – some in collaboration with partners – with a view to attracting attention to cyber security. The focus of these efforts is the campaign to be held in October. The Alert Online awareness campaign is partly funded by the European Union Internal Security Fund (ISF).


Become a cybersecurity hero!

You can help your friends, family, colleagues and yourself to become more cyber aware. How? By becoming a cybersecurity hero! A cyber security hero is ‘alert online’, sets the right example, and helps others. This way, you protect both yourself and the people around you online. You can do this by helping your grandma recognizing phishing emails or by sharing an article about safe passwords on Facebook. Together we can make the online world safer.