Why Hudson Cybertec, Compumatica and Cybersprint Upgraded their HSD Partnership

25 Nov 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

This year HSD welcomed a lot of new partners to the HSD Community. They can join the HSD community as a Network, Premium or Alliance Partner. Along the road some organisations decided to upgrade their partnership. Hudson Cybertec, Cybersprint and Compumatica did so and became Premium Partner. But what is the reason to make this step?


Petra van Schayik, CEO Compumatica: “As HSD partner since 2015, we became more active within the community along the way. We started our journey by joining the PIB Japan (an RVO programme coordinated by HSD Office), opened an office at the HSD Campus, we participated in international missions, organized sessions during the Cyber Security Week and are active in HSD programmes, such as Open Source Data Diode. This created many new alignment opportunities. Looking back, we realized that the value of the HSD partnership was already Premium level.”


Hudson Cybertec, Network Partner since 2014, decided to upgrade their partnership recently. “We are HSD partner since the first moment, because we believe in the HSD ambition of sharing knowledge and triple helix collaboration for a more secure world and economic growth. We are pleased to see that HSD is addressing OT security, our expertise, as opportunity for the security domain. Providing us the change to position our organisation as one of the players in this field. At this moment we are also part of a concrete HSD programme, in which HSD Office is investing a lot of time.” 


Cybersprint became Premium Partner end of 2018. Pieter Janssen, CEO: “As partner of HSD we made a journey from start-up to scaleup and experienced the added value of the security cluster. We are now making the first steps to internationalisation, where we received funding for last year. A Premium Partnership suits our ambitions.”


Joris den Bruinen, director HSD: “I’m pleased to see that partners experience added value and are willing to enhance the HSD community by upgrading their partnership because they believe in the impact we can create together.


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