NWO National Cybersecurity Call Coming Up

30 Jul 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

As the chairman of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) Executive Board, Stan Gielen, indicated at the presentation of the NCSRA III in the Nieuwspoort Press Center, NWO is preparing a national cybersecurity call. The aim is to open this call in October. The corresponding preconditions for the call, the closing date and the details concerning the matchmaking to be organized will be announced at the One Conference.


In line with the Top Sector policy, NWO has committed itself to setting up a broad cybersecurity call with the Knowledge and Innovation Contract ICT 2018 - 2019. The call is prepared and funded by the NWO domains Sciences (ENW), Social Sciences and Humanities (SGW) and by the Taskforce Practice-Oriented Research SIA. Through the participation of SIA, the connection with research in higher professional education is made. The ENW funds come from the cybersecurity and big data budget. In the preparation we cooperate with dcypher, the Top Sector ICT and the Top Sector Creative Industry.


This PPP call, for which a budget of more than 5 million euros is reserved, provides space for practice-oriented cyber security research with both a monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach. Submission of proposals with multiple research positions will be possible. 


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Source: dcypher

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