Missions As a Solution to Societal Challenges

29 Nov 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Europe faces complex and unremitting challenges. Climate change, cyber security and an ageing population require an innovative and radical approach with broad social support. With a focus on mission-driven policies, governments make the right choice to confront today’s challenges. This is the conclusion of TNO in the 2018 edition of State of Dutch Innovation: Missions and ‘new’ mission-driven policy.


According to the authors of the publication, mission-driven policy is shaped by ambition and courage, and requires co-creation with stakeholders and citizens. Research and innovation also contribute to a better understanding of the challenges. This should also lead to new insights and solutions. But many of the challenges require more than just scientific and technological solutions. They encourage the modernisation of legislation and regulations, information, new standards and incentives that promote different behaviour.


Cross-border Character

Many of the current challenges are cross-border by nature. According to TNO, successful mission-driven policy therefore requires further international cooperation and coordination. The European, national and often regional dimensions of the challenges must be taken into account. Scalable solutions are also a crucial factor. In the new publication TNO offers nine rules of thumb to further shape this approach.


European Focus

The 2018 publication of State of Dutch Innovation also fits in TNO's recent work in preparation for the development of Horizon Europe. As partner of a European consortium, TNO has done extensive research, which resulted in two studies, on the concept of mission-oriented research and innovation policy, its potential impact and critical success factors. The research contributed to the European Commission thinking regarding its initial proposals for Horizon Europe.


TNO mini conference 'Mission-driven Policy'

As a result of the 2018 publication of State of Dutch Innovation - Missions and ‘new’ mission-driven policy TNO organises on 28 january 2019 a mini conference from 14:30 hours till 18:00 hours in the Pulchri Studio’s in The Hague. During this event interested parties will get acquainted with the theme mission driven policy and will explore what will make mission driven policy successful. Registration for this event will start soon.


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