IT Security Company Group 2000 Expands and Opens New Office at HSD Campus

04 Jul 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

July 4 2016 – Group 2000, a Dutch IT security company, announced its permanent presence in The Hague. As of today the company is a proud resident of the HSD Campus and will continue to actively take part in the ecosystem of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the largest security cluster in Europe. CEO Richard Coppens marked the festive occasion by literally climbing on a soap box during the weekly get-together of HSD tenants and members.


Architects in safety and intelligence

Group 2000 Netherlands is an innovative solution provider which helps governments, intelligence agencies, telecommunication operators and large corporations in implementing surveillance infrastructures, solving their security matters and increasing the resilience of their critical infrastructures. Group 2000 enables its customers by creating safer societies and protecting mission critical IT and telecommunication infrastructures.


“The Hague Security Delta is the largest and continuously growing security cluster in Europe and offers a unique partnership opportunity to companies, government and knowledge institutions. The HSD Campus is the place to be for Group 2000 as it will help us to speed up innovation, learn from best practices of HSD members and to better align with current and future business partners”, says CEO Coppens.


Expanding to The Hague

As one of the larger security companies in The Netherlands, Group 2000 is well-informed and aware of trends and developments in the security sector. The company, with their Dutch headquarters located in Almelo, has expressed its interest to expand in The Hague Security Delta since its inception in 2014. Group 2000 recognizes the potential of the security cluster and has participated in trade missions to India and Japan last year.


The Hague Security Delta, the City of The Hague and InnovationQuarter have encouraged and supported Group 2000 in their efforts to become an HSD member and to ultimately setup in The City of Peace, Justice & Security.


According to Joris den Bruinen, deputy director The Hague Security Delta: “Group 2000 has proven to be a committed player and is a valuable asset to our security ecosystem with 35 years of experience in a wide range of IT security solutions such as lawful interception, surveillance, location based services, big data and analysis technology. Within HSD we create the opportunity to share knowledge and encourage innovation.” 


“We are thrilled with Group 2000’s presence in The Hague. I am sure they will benefit from the opportunities that HSD offers, and of course my team will continue to support the company”, says Chris van Voorden, Director Foreign Investments of InnovationQuarter.

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