International Exposure for Innovative Dutch Security Concepts

21 Mar 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

The staged crime scene with a dirty bomb at the NFI - in cooperation with 9 HSD partners - has led to a lot of international exposure for the Dutch Security Cluster and their innovative concepts. Media from China, South Africa, Brazil and America are writing about HSD and this unique event prior to the NSS.


The HSD partners who demonstrated the showcase were:

1. CBRN investigation on incident scene (NFI)

2.  Virtual incident management training (E-Semble)

3. Detection innovations (TNO)

4. Big data analysis (Cap Gemini)

5. IT/Cyber security (Fox-IT)

6. Life training methodologies (HotZone Solutions)

7. Nuclear timeline (HCSS)

8. Container scanning (Siemens)

9. Port security (Trigion)


Video of demonstration: 


HSD Partners involved