“Cyber Threats Undermine the Innovation and Competitiveness of the Business Community"

16 Apr 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Interview: Patricia Zorko, Director Cyber Security National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security


“Cyber threats undermine the innovation and competitiveness of the business community, and the confidence in a digital society” says Patricia Zorko, Director Cyber Security National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security in an interview with StartupDelta in anticipation of StartupDelta Summit on 19 April, where Zorko is one of the speakers. 


Cyber has become mainstream
The level of cybercrime and cyber espionage is increasing, and is becoming increasingly complex, says Zorko. “Cyber ​​has become mainstream, but cybercrime too.” But at the same time there is a resigned attitude towards cybercrime in society. 
“Research shows that the Dutch are increasingly concerned about digital security. But worrying is something other than taking care of measures. Because only one in five really take action to take measures.”


Safe place to do business
It’s about time that cyber security becomes mainstream, according to Zorko. “Whether we like it or not, cyber security is a topic that affects society as a whole. Because the impact of cyber security is enormous and will grow. Cyber ​​threats undermine the innovation and competitiveness of Dutch business and confidence in a digital society.”

That is why, according to Zorko, it is important that government and industry work together and invest extra in cyber security in the coming years. Together they can ensure that the Netherlands remain a digital ‘safe place to do business’.

Opportunities for startups
Startups can play a crucial role, preferably Dutch startups, says Zorko. “There is a growing demand from the business community and governments for innovative solutions for cyber security issues. It is extremely important that Dutch startups jump into that gap, because too much dependence on cyber security expertise from other countries is undesirable.”

Dutch startups and other companies can even distinguish themselves in the area of ​​cyber security. “The call for business reliability will continue to grow. Making digital security part of the daily processes will pay off in the long term. I am convinced of that.”


Source: Startup Delta Stories

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