Security Innovation Competition 2017: Submit Before 4 September

24 Jul 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

'How can we connect people with technology' is the topic of the Security Innovation Competition 2017 (VIC) of the Ministry of Security & Justice. Are you an SME or a startup? Try to find an innovative solution for these challenges and realise your ideas with 200,000 euro! Submit your innovative idea before Monday 4 September 12.00h.

People and technology are more and more connected with each other. As a result, we are more capable, such as inventing smart access control implemented with wearables, perceiving more with virtual reality glasses or capturing evidence with body cams.


Get more out of your senses with new and innovative technology

Technology can strengthen our sense and make us perceive more accurate, faster and better. Enriching our insights and increasing our capacities in order to fulfill new tasks for people who are unable to do so and to do the work faster and better for us.


In which new way can we connect people with technology? Technology worn at the body in order to get more out of the senses of people and higher our human capacities? Create an innovative idea and get the new innovative technology out of the people.


Realise your idea with 200,000 euro

New technologies are essential for Security and Justice, Defense, the National Police and the Royal Military Police. Therefore, new innovative ideas are more than welcome in order to make their work more efficiently. Are you able to trigger technology and progress without violating the law ethically and in terms of privacy? Then we need your creativity for realising successful innovation. The winner of this competition will get the opportunity to realising your ideas with the government, on top of that, you will be rewarded with 200,000 euro. And after all, you will still be the owner of your ideas.


One of the main themes is security and let this theme inspire you to make an innovative idea. Do not work from routine based activities but think out of the box and make new combinations. This will lead to consciously renewing, in other words, innovation. This competition will give you the platform to share your ideas with the rest of the world. The VIC 2017 need your innovative ideas.



If you are interested in joining this competition, please register on Tendernet.

Click here for more information about the VIC 2017 (in Dutch).






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