Call for Participation and Ideas: Innovation Congress Ministry of Justice and Security

13 Jun 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Do you have ideas and input for innovation, projects and subjects that should be included on the Innovation Congress on 20 November? Do you want to organise a workshop or seminar? Or are you working on an interesting innovative idea? Submit before 29 June!


Innovation is for every day, but every two years the Innovation Congress pays extra attention for it. This year, it will take place on 20 November, at the WTC Rotterdam. The Ministry of Justice and Security is working hard behind the scenes to make preparations for a strong, interesting, and surprising programme. You are able to contribute to the programme by submitting your ideas, innovations and subjects.


How can we put innovations into practice? And how can unexpected target groups contribute? What influence does foreign technology have on our issues? Walk off the beaten track and discover the benefits of looking at a problem from a different perspective. The programme aims to inspire, connect and amaze, that asks for daring presentations and high-profile sub-sessions.

Submit via this form before 29 June.

Read the official call from Justice and Security in Dutch.

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