Dutch Cabinet Strengthens Its Crisis Management Approach

20 May 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch Cabinet has approved the Minister of Security and Justice’s progress letter on the National Security Strategy (‘Strategie NV’). Strategie NV facilitates a government-wide approach, which aims to protect national security interests against potential social disruption.

The strategy is based on three pillars: the analysis of threats and risks, aiming for the strengthening of capacities, and ensuring the continuity of critical infrastructures. In order to guarantee its effectiveness, the Council of Ministers has decided to further develop the Strategie NV. Flexibility is at the core of this, as this will increase the ability to cope with rapidly changing trends and threats that affect our national security.

The current annual National Risk Assessment will be replaced by a National Security Profile, which will be released every four years. This security profile will provide a comprehensive analysis of the key risks and threats to our national security, and will include an overview of relevant technological and social developments.

Secondly, a review has taken place on the policies related to the protection of critical infrastructures. In this comprehensive assessment, an overview has been created on the economic, physical, and social impacts on critical processes. Cooperating with public and private partners, a clear view has been presented on what is critical for our society. 

Thirdly, the current crisis management system has been improved. This has been done by simplifying and increasing the flexibility of the crisis organisation, improving the national operational coordination, harmonising of knowledge and advisory structures, strengthening of civil-military cooperation, and further investing in the professionalism of the national crisis organisation.

Photo: by Deloitte

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