Cabinet Named HSD as Example for Creating a Learning Economy

04 Mar 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch Cabinet named The Hague Security Delta as a concrete example of how The Netherlands can create a ‘learning economy’ for maintaining our powerful economic position. This clearly shows that the awareness of HSD has penetrated into the higher regions of the Dutch Government.


The mention of HSD was a response of the Cabinet on the study of the Scientific Board for Governance Policy (de Wetenschappelijke Raad voor Regeringsbeleid (WRR)). In this study the WRR states that it is important to react fast and adequately to changing circumstances in order to secure economic growth and welfare. In order to let this responsiveness grow, the economy must change from an ‘knowledge economy’ to an economy that not only produces knowledge, but also optimizes utilisation. The WRR pointed out that public-private cooperation between the government, knowledge institutes and businesses is essential for the success of this policy.


 Click here to view the response of the Cabinet on the WRR report (Dutch)